Saturday, March 23, 2013

i just wanted to say

that i love love love my new bangs.

they're my most favorite bangs i've ever had.

i had a couple rough days after my recent haircut...tried to scrunch and blow-dry and it was a disaster, so i got stuck straightening it every day.  but it's a pain to do and i don't like the way my hair lays when it's straight and then my bangs were too straight and sticking out weird and i was beginning to regret them.  so today we just went with the old "apply product, air dry, and hope for the best".  (plus a 3 second bang blast with the hair dryer)

myspace mirror pic:
1, angle your body
2. don serious "i'm a baller" expression
3. avert gaze

check check check...i feel like i'm 15 again.

so, just in case you were going about your saturday business and suddenly thought, "oh em gee!  i wonder what the status of heather's hair is right now??"

curiosity satisfied.  you're welcome.

also, in case you don't know me that well and were  that is not my shirt.  that is one from silas' collection.

if i had a shirt for every marathon i've run...i'd have exactly zero.

1 comment:

  1. Hey guess what, I would have exactly zero marathon shirts too! And your current bangs are my favorite bangs ever, I have bang envy. Sorry I am a few weeks behind on your blog! Have a great Sunday tomorrow! Yippy we dont have to dress up our kids and drag them through 3 hours of church because it is Conference!