Saturday, March 2, 2013

i'm listening to fall out boy

and it reminds me of when silas and i were dating.  that's probably the last time i heard a fall out boy song.

confession: i love taking pictures of myself.  maybe i've confessed this before.  it's not necessarily because i think i am just so breathtaking (ha!) that i have to be captured on [invisible digital]'s probably more due to the fact that i am my only willing subject.  (when i was growing up my dog and cats were occasionally forced into serving as my photographic victims--props and outfits included.)

when i was bored in high school i used to do my hair and makeup and take pictures of myself, playing around with the lighting (this was before instagram filters) and practicing my "serious model face" and working on trying to smile while still keeping my squinty eyes visible.

obviously my modeling career never took off.  but i still retain an adolescent love of self-portraits.  it's just fun, okay?  now that you know the extent of my vanity...

i've been taking a lot of pictures of my hair lately, because i may not cut it this short again and i want to remember it.  also, it seems like it changes almost weekly so it's fun to look back.  and when i'm having a really bad hair day it helps to look at pictures from a few days or weeks ago when my hair looked cute.  (looking at pictures of my long hair just depresses me because it feels so far away.)

i did an "updo"(and i use that term veeeeeery loosely here) today, which basically consisted of tying a headband (a.k.a. the hem of my grey t-shirt that i cut off) around my head and jamming a million bobby pins into the rest of it until it stayed back.  it doesn't look as cute as i thought it would.  it reminds me of this hairstyle i used to do in 6th grade, when i would pin my hair back with about 20 different butterfly clips in a cacophony of colors.  i thought it was trendy and awesome.  in reality (i've seen pictures) it was mostly just ridiculous.

 that fuzz at the bottom is my hair...i was trying to take a picture with the ipad of the back of my head.  

this is what happens to my head when i blowdry my hair upside-down.

and in other, non-self-focused news, we (meaning silas with a tiny bit of assistance from me) finally bunked up the boys' beds.  they love it.

have a lovely weekend.


also, just a reminder that i'm making my blog private, so if you want to keep reading and haven't sent me your email, you can leave it in the comments or email me (  and for those who have asked, it's just because i've gotten some sketchy websites showing up in the referring URLs and, since i have kids, i'd feel more comfortable narrowing down my audience.  however, if you are a normal person and have been secretly stalking me (and if you are, there is a very good chance i have read your blog too, since i am the blog stalking queen), now is the time to de-lurk!!  you don't have to know me to read the blog.  you just have to not be a creeper.



  1. I am totally creeping on your blog, and I'd like to continue to do so. There. I said it.


    I was having the same thing in my google analytics, but for my semi private blog. (I went private, then it was a hassle so I then I went unprivate.) One day I was checking my referring URL and they were ALL nasty sites. I freaked out and made my blog private again. But then I googled it, and turns out it's a form of spam. The sites aren't actually linking or yours. Anyways, if that's what you're talking about then google it and read about it. I also have a traffic tracker, and someone from Denver is constantly on my blog, and it drives me nuts. I don't know what the answer is. Private is great, but it is a hassle. My family keeps complaining that they can't get in, even though I've sent them invites.

    good luck, but add me, and blog more because you remind me that we are all in this together :)


  3. The only Fall-Out Boy song I remember is that "Sugar, We're Going Down" one and it always drove me crazy because I could NEVER understand the lyrics prior to the title line. I TOTALLY remember the whole butterfly clip trend, and partook as well. :D And, now you know how I get my flippy-out hairstyle (really, the only hairstyle I know how to do right now): I blow-dry it just like that. haha

  4. I want to keep reading your blog!!! My email is