Tuesday, March 12, 2013

the squash baby

tesla has a history of adopting butternut squash(es?).

yesterday was no exception.

the moment i mentioned we needed one yesterday, his little ears perked up.  he helped me select a squash and then insisted on holding it through the rest of our grocery shopping trip (he was very upset when the checkout clerk put his squash in a bag...it was supposed to go in his arms!), in the car, and at home; where he promptly tucked it in for a nice rest on the couch.

later they took a nap together (i'm sure butternut squash was thrilled to share the top bunk with him), and just hung out.  like buddies.

that little boy.

we do plan on eating his new best friend later this week, but he's dealt with this type of trauma before.  i think he'll understand.

and here's an unrelated but cute picture of the boys after playing in the puddles from the rain the other day.

(i just checked the weather in a vain hope that maybe it would rain again today...no.  high of 81º.  i'm going to go cry.)