Tuesday, March 5, 2013


so, one of my friends (thank you ashley) answered my question about the sketchy referring URLs that were showing up for the blog.  apparently they are just spam sites, trying to get you to visit.  so for now, i will leave the blog public.  sorry for the back-and-forth.  but thank you to everyone who sent me your email because you wanted to keep reading.  you warmed my heart.

 i painted my nails when silas was in mexico.  also, note my crackly, dry hands.  

for the first time in a couple years i have a phone that is not just the cheapest prepaid phone i could find.  it takes very decent pictures (see detailed photo above of my wrinkly hands).  

behold, le desmond:

i started reading the Old Testament (King James Version) at the beginning of this year...i'm currently at the end of 1 Samuel.  i haven't read the OT since high school, when we studied it in seminary (Bible study class before school).  now i'm reading it straight through and, honestly...i'm not sure what i think of it.  i have a lot of questions about a lot of things.  

i took the boys to the mall to play today (and to ride the "alligator", of course...it's not a real mall experience without a good elevator trip).  while we were walking around after, i stepped into sephora on a whim.  when a sales associate asked me if i was looking for anything specific, my brain said, "no, just browsing," and my mouth said, "yes, i want a natural-looking pink lipstick". 

i walked out ten mintues later with a $13 tube of "natural-lip-color-enhancing" lip balm.  assertiveness fail.  you know i can't say no to those people!  happy early birthday to me, i guess.  

it is a very nice lip balm.  and it does enhance my lip color quite beautifully.  (i tried to take a picture but taking a phone shot of my lips without getting my creepy giant nostrils in the picture is impossible.)

what else was i going to talk about?  oh yes, my hair.  ;)

i dyed it last night!  it's not a drastic change, i was just trying to get it back to something close to my natural color.


here you can see the nice two-tone color i've got going on (from the last time i dyed my hair).


i'm not entirely sure what i think yet.  i'm fairly certain i like it, and i think it's close to my natural shade.  time will tell though, i usually have a lot of issues with my home dye jobs fading/turning red.

today was another bad hair day (the back is giving me issues...a bunch of funky, uneven layers).  unfortunately i can't just pull it up into a ponytail.  instead, i am left to concoct hairstyles that can only be achieved through artifice and an arsenal of bobby pins.

and here's a picture of the stupid back.

i know it doesn't look that bad in the pictures but that's because i've been fighting it for two days, trying to straighten the [heck] out of it.  the uneven-ness and multiple lengths is not something i can attempt to fix with a cheap straightener, unfortunately.

that $%#@ mullet/duck tail.


  1. Hair color is good :) and I too have some questions about the Old Testament. And, just to throw it out there - yay!

    1. thank you! i hope the color lasts so i don't have to go to Esther and get it fixed. :) haha

  2. How did your hair grow so fast!? I'm gonna be totally honest and say, yeah, it's starting to look like a mullet. Get that thing trimmed! I love the top part of your hair though. Its cute in every picture. I love how full it looks!

    I also started reading the old testament in January. I felt like I should start in exodus, which turned out to be really great for me. I got some answers to questions I've had for years. I am still in exodus though. I'm reading really slowly from a tanach. It's an extended version of a torah which includes some new testament writings. There is commentary at the bottom from Jewish scholars and hebrew experts, and it has been SO helpful. Hebrew is pretty fascinating. We lose so much meaning when we read translated versions, having the little hints has made understanding the symbols easier...and really the whole thing is symbols.

    1. firstly, THANK YOU for saying that my hair grew fast. that is extremely encouraging, because sometimes i think i'm imagining a difference in length out of desperation.

      and thank you as well for your honest opinion. i'm planning on "getting that thing trimmed" sometime this month. i hope it helps me feel less annoyed/murderous. ;)

      that's awesome that you're learning so much from the OT. i'm probably cheating myself a bit by rushing through it, so i think the next time i read it i'm going to try to actually study and understand it. i'll ask you for tips and ideas of supplemental things to read. i think its awesome that you're reading from a tanach and studying the symbolism. i remember you said one of your goals for this year was to study hebrew--way to be, robin.