Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I have a problem.

I love food.

Especially desserts.

Part of it is that sugar and I are bffs. Well, not really. A real bff wouldn't take up residence on my tummy and thighs and try to convince people that I am pregnant again. Sugar and I have a love/hate relationship. But we're working through our issues.

I LOVE baking. It's like a need I have to fulfill. Not monthly, not weekly...almost daily.


That's ridiculous.

But it's something I love to do. It's cathartic. Sometimes I don't even want to eat the product (although that is a rare occasion indeed, as I have an extremely high tolerance for sweet things--more so than anyone else I know. And much to the chagrin of my dear husband). I suppose it's the process I find comforting, fulfilling, enjoyable....whatever. It's fun.

I mix up cookies when I'm bored. I frost cakes when I'm upset. I bake chocolate and cream cheese filled cupcakes while Elyssa recounts tales of her first-graders' shenanigans. We sample brownie batter as we place bets on how many hours late our husbands will be getting back from their outdoor excursions.

(Not even kidding. We have learned to tack on at least three hours to any ETA.


Silas/Nick: We're going snowshoeing up to the hot pots, but we'll be home by 9 at the latest.

Translation: Don't expect us home before midnight. In fact, we'll probably be home closer to 2 am.

*sigh* But look how cute they are.)

Anyways, so if I fail my finals/my house is messy/the laundry sits in the dryer for 2 days/I forget your birthday/I don't feel like making dinner....

It's because I'd rather be doing this.

So delicious. I had eleven last night.

Have I mentioned my problem with self-control...?


  1. and since i'm still home (AGH! TWO DAYS OFF WORK!!), i should eat the rest and save you from yourself, naturally. i hear sugar and chocolate are the best flu medicine...

  2. You have a blog!!!!!


    Now I'll go back and read what you wrote. :-)

  3. ME TOO!! I love to bake.

    You need to move back so we can open a bakery together. :)

  4. Um... HELLO!!! You and me are BLOOD sisters. No joke there. My baking day is every day and now everyone at work loves me because to keep my thighs from being the size of massive tree trunks I have to take ALL those baked goods other than what I have already sampled and bring them to people at work :) Or you guys :)

  5. Um... I am commenting again because I just went and read all the REST of your blog and I LOVE It. You are an AMAZING WRITER. Please write a book. I will read it. And PS- I agree with you on some of your movie guideline RE children and spouses dying. Though, however, Silas and Adam teamed up and got to me early. I actually DO enjoy something like DUmb and Dumber. :)

  6. Oh a daughter from my own heart! But as much as I wanted to have a lucious 2 layer cake with cream cheese frosting for my birthday, with just Michael and I at home it wasn't worth it and WHO would eat it, so I resisted YAY! and had no birthday cake, and as much as I am still craving a birthday cake, 2 days later, still not eating one. So instead, to reward myself for such great restraint, I had several of those devilish cadbury chocolate eggs today - yep - and now it is time to rethink my diet decisions....