Tuesday, March 16, 2010

If the world were my oyster...

...we would eat pizza every night.  Pizza of all varieties.  I never get tired of pizza.  Even saying the word brings joy into my heart.  Pizza.

(sorry the pictures aren't that great.  but it was super tasty.  let me tell you.)

Sometimes we would have chocolate mousse, too. 

 In super-classy plastic stemware.  Because we're worth it.


  1. Brick Oven Pizza - veggie special.....

  2. You are the funniest human ever, and I'm now officially obsessed with your blog! Love, Nicole Elizabeth Money Smith

  3. Pizza is my 2nd favorite food, sushi being my first.

    I have named Friday Pizza Night. :) And because I won't be home tomorrow night, we'll have pizza tonight, b/c heavens forbid if we go a week without!! :)