Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's been really nice weather lately. (Of course, at this moment, there's a snowstorm outside. But. Moving on.)

I don't know why but it suddenly occurred to me that Tesla is getting old enough to do fun things with. I can't wait until the summer when we can go swimming and to the playground and the park and have picnics and barbecues and check out books from the library and...well, not that we can't do these things now. But come on. Summer.

Anyway, Silas and I took T to the park the other day. It was really fun! He loved it when we pushed him on the swing. I took him down the slide a few times too but he seemed less than amused. I guess after you've experienced the freedom of soaring through the air on a swing, laughing as the wind ruffles the few wisps of hair that cling to your bald head...creeping down the slide with your mother isn't such a thrill.

Tesla in the swing (gnawing on his fists, of course). My friend Jacque made the hat, isn't it cute?

Mr. T and Silas

Swinging with Mommy

Swinging with Daddy

I love having someone to take pictures of. :) S isn't too fond of me photographing him, which is why I have a thousand pictures of him baring his teeth or flaring his nostrils or closing his eyes. Our posterity won't know what his face actually looked like.

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