Friday, March 12, 2010

Chew on This

For lunch, I made wraps.

Silas was home from work early, I wasn't at class, Tesla was asleep, I had just restocked our I made lunch.  What you must understand in order to appreciate this phenomenon is that I never make lunch.  (Or breakfast.)  I snack constantly until dinner and Silas fends for himself.  But yesterday, the planets aligned in his favor.  What a lucky man.


Because he is the product of my loins, Tesla loves to eat.  I have let him taste a few things because his reactions amuse me so he can be exposed to new flavors.  So far, he has tried and liked tomatoes, pickles, soy sauce, plums, pears, jicama, and red bell pepper.  (Don't freak out.  I just let him lick them.)

Here is a pictorial journey through some of the things he has tasted.

His hands, of course

Silas' finger and nose

His teething ring

 Various blankets


The bumbo seat

The jumper

 Raggedy Andy's bum


Not everything that can go into your mouth should be sampled.


  1. That is so funny! BTW, I want to know what you made for lunch, give me assemblage directions please : )

  2. oh haha it's just a normal wrap (cream cheese, carrots, spinach, cheese). it's not actually anything special. the fact that i actually put time into making something was the noteworthy part. ;)