Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Stuff We've Been Doing


baking bread

finding a really great deal on a hiking pack to hold baby T





and just being cute.


  1. Ya know, when i grow up and hopefully get married some day, I'm never going to want to make babies. It's your fault. My wife is gonna come knocking on your door in the middle of the night complaining that her husband doesn't want children. And do you know why that is? Because i dont want an ugly baby. I want an adorable one like baby T. If my baby can't be as cute as yours or cuter. Well consider this my resignation from life.

    Jk :) haha. I love your blog, its always so much more intellectual than if i wrote one. Example of Andrew's blog: Uhhhh I picked my nose today and I think the hobo on the bus saw me. I bought ANOTHER pair of $150 sunglasses and I am now contemplating if i should have pizza or a burger for dinner.

    Actually that sounds pretty good. I should start one haha! jk Can't wait to see you guys!!


  2. dude, i love it! you should totally start one. seriously though. even if no one reads it (i'd read it though, i love reading people's blogs haha) it's actually really fun.

    excerpt from andrew's blog:

    "Another hot girl hit on me today. Sigh. Women of Rexburg, lay off the Andrew man-meat! My hair does look really good today though.

    Got back on facebook. Laughed at all the losers that have been wasting their time on here for the past year. My sister posted like a bajillion pictures of her baby. I think maybe she needs a hobby."

    maybe you could come down next next weekend? (the weekend of april 9th) how does that work? and be thinking of stuff you might want to do. We're a little limited bc we'll have the tiny T in tow, but nonetheless. Onward!

    See you soon!

  3. Is that YOUR BROTHER commenting on your blog??!?!

    Lucky sister! :)

  4. wonderful children are talking to each other.... {insert sigh of happiness here}