Friday, May 18, 2012

he did it!

today, silas took his last final and has finished his first year of podiatry school!  enter bbq chicken pizza and ben & jerry's.

now he has a 2 week break before summer term starts.  (more classes!  yay!)  but we're going to make the most of it.  and he's going up to utah next week with sirius to run the timpanogos trail marathon, because he's crazy awesome and much more athletic and driven than i will ever be.

(the boys and i will not be tagging along, since silas and i have a strict "no road trips with children under the age of 5" policy.  this policy was enacted after several miserable road trip experiences.)

in other news, silas and i watched "the help" last week.  i am aware that i was most likely the last person in the entire universe to see that movie (and no, i haven't read the book yet either), but for the was very good.  i cried a TON, which i was not prepared for.  tonight we're renting "one for the money", which i'm pretty sure will elicit no tears.  haha.

and in other other news, last night i finished my 29th book of this year.  (!!!)  it was a good one.  i started my 30th today.  

i feel ridiculously pleased with myself for this accomplishment, but i have a feeling i probably shouldn't be.  i think that if we were playing a phrase association game, "reading 30 books in 6 months" would be grouped with "cat lady", "asocial", "no life", and "is friends with the grocery baggers".

you know how it is.

i love how he just crashed, not on either of the beds or on his blanket, but right in front of the door.  oh, little tessles.

have a spectacular weekend.


  1. I love you posts, love your pictures!

  2. Yay for finishing a semester! And for the record...I'm friends with the grocery baggers too. Last night we were at a concert and this crazy girl was dancing on stage. I say, "I know her!!" Agus' friend is like, "Really, how?" and I start but "she's the....uh....she uh..." when she works at my local Sunflower Market.

  3. Yay Silas! Hooray for reading so much! I thought about it but then realized I rarely have a free hand to actually hold a book :) maybe when M is bigger...

  4. morgan--thanks!

    melissa--i think 99% of my outside interactions come from either the grocery store or blogs. i'm always like, "hey silas, the other day i was reading this...article...about this thing.." because i'm too embarrassed to admit that i really read it on the blog of someone i've never met. haha. plus, "article" sounds a lot cooler than "blog-stalking".

    deena--if we lived closer i'd help out! it feels like it's been a long time since i've held a newborn...and milo is super cute. :)

  5. I love how the mattresses are in disarray and the blanket is strewn about and T is collapsed near the door. Now collapsing is a good way to go to sleep! I remember coming back from missions so wiped out that when the adrenalin wore off I would black out and not move for 5 or 6 hours.