Tuesday, May 15, 2012

parent #3

you guys.

you guys.

this morning after i got the boys up, i told them we were going to do diapers and left to go get a clean one and some undies for tesla (he's not night potty-trained yet...i'm taking my sweet, lazy time with that one).

when i was in the closet i heard tesla getting something and then him saying, "wie down, dedo!  wie down!"

when i came out, i saw that desmond was reclining on a pillow on the floor, and tesla was "changing his diaper".  he undid the tabs with a very serious look on his face and then pronounced, "no poop!"

it was so. cute.  i wish i had it on video.

tesla's becoming so responsible.  i'm pretty sure i'll be able to leave them home alone soon.



  1. So stnkin' CUTE! I have to sqooshy all the cuteness at your place! :)

  2. we still laugh at the "I am a child of god" tesla story, he is adorable!