Tuesday, May 1, 2012

on bras

have you ever shopped figleaves?

if you wear a hard-to-find bra size and victoria's secret shuts it's shiny glass doors on you, i highly recommend it.  

i believe they carry band sizes 28-52, and cup sizes AA-K(?).  It will be easier to find bras in the A-FF range, but i'm pretty sure i've seen bigger and smaller than that.

i've bought bras almost exclusively from here for the past several years.  it's the only place i could find bras in a 30F.  (fun fact--at my very very biggest, i was a G.  it sucked.)

after i stopped nursing les bebes, i dropped a few cup sizes, but it's still hard to find bras.  so i'm back to online bra shopping.  yay. 

(they also carry swimsuits, too.  which is a blessing if you've ever felt like you were 'bust'ing out of your suit at the beach.)

so, why am i sharing this information with you?  i don't know.  just doing my part to send good vibes out into the universe, i guess.  

and i remember the frustration of never ever ever being able to find a bra that fits, so...here's my gift to all the ladies out there who've ever cried in victoria's secret. 

not that i've done that.

oh, wait.  here's a picture.

now we're done.


  1. So do you like your new one? Hugs sweetie!

  2. I do. It's the wrong color but I checked online and they're out of my size now (it was on sale) so I'm going to keep it and avoid white shirts. :)

  3. Oh my gosh in so happy you shared this. I always had a complex about my huge chest growing up. Then I got pregnant and was do embarrassed at how big I was. THEN I started nursing. Man, I was small before!! I don't even know what size I am anymore. And I just use the nursing camisoles from target because no nursing bras fit. (plus I like that I can lift up my shirt and nurse without a cover). But I'm shapeless and large. I want to feel pretty, not just functional. Where would you recommend I get measured?

  4. The only place I've gotten a semi accurate measurement at is Nordstrom. I went after Desmond was born, the lady who helped me get fitted was really sweet and said I could take a nursing break if the baby got hungry. :). I didn't buy anything there (a little more than I wanted to spend) but it gave me an idea of my size. Figleaves carries nursing bras too, i havent tried them though (I always just wore regular bras). Good luck!