Tuesday, May 15, 2012

sometimes crunchy is disgusting

i've turned out to be a lot "crunchier" than I had expected.

 if you'd asked me 5 years ago, my motto would have been "why make it when you can buy it?"

but now I've started to cross the great divide and am trying to make myself at home in the "why buy it when you can make it?" camp.


 granola mommy.

i did not expect this.

 (i've made granola.)

my explorations into the land of green are mostly limited to the edible arena.  i do not craft.  i do not sew.

but i do cook!   as you are probably well aware.

i make salad dressings (in leftover containers that once contained delicious gelato--which i did not make but did wholeheartedly enjoy),


various vegetable dishes--some delicious and some kind of disgusting,



kind of disgusting, unfortunately. 


and, of course, baked goods by the truckload.

currently i am trying out a homemade toothpaste.  the jury's still out. 

sometimes you try something out that everyone is raving about and it turns out to be a complete failure.

i made a homemade laundry detergent last year.  i was happy at first, but after a while--not a fan.  maybe i'll try another recipe in the future but for now i'll stick with the store-bought stuff.  i ruin our clothes enough as it is.

and sometimes, no matter how much other people love something, it's just not for you.

this morning i tried oil-pulling.  it's something i've seen mentioned on several blogs recently, so when i saw the coconut oil at sprouts yesterday i thought, why not?

(why not, indeed.  let me tell you, "why not" is not usually a good reason to try something.)

this morning i awoke and padded into the kitchen to get some coconut oil.  i took small spoonful, placed it in my mouth, and--

ran into the bathroom and gagged over the sink as i tried to rinse my mouth out as quickly as possible.

then i dropped to my knees and dry-heaved over the toilet for a few minutes.

which is how silas found me when he walked into the bathroom this morning.

i'm not sure what triggered the massive gag attack (something about the feel of a ball of oil in my mouth--ugh), but allow me to pass on some wisdom.

 if you have a gag reflex that is even halfway-decent, DO NOT TRY OIL-PULLING.






you have been warned.


  1. i love your blog so dang much!! i am so glad you commented on mine about the way you parent- makes me feel SOO much better because Adam and I really are, for all the hugs and misses we gives, more "hands off" and door shut kind of parents :) And I love reading your blog because when I am done I always sit there wondering on how come I was in school with Silas and not you when our brains seem to be very close to one and the same... except I cant cook worth beans but I DO sew...

  2. Duggars detergent? Our whole wars is in live with it. So if not, try it I guess. We gots folks bearing testimony over here.