Thursday, May 3, 2012

on bras, part 2

after reading this you might think i woke up and said, "hey, i feel like posting terrible pictures of myself on the internet today!"  but just so you understand where i was coming from, talking about not being able to find bras.

me, age 14, probably still an A cup (i was a late bloomer...)

but, oh, i bloomed.

me, age 19.  you will never hear me say this again but LOOK. AT. MY. GIRLS.
this picture was hidden away somewhere deep because of it's humiliation factor.  i had to search through a bunch of the files on our external hard drive to find it.  plus look how awkward i'm standing.  i was supersuper self-conscious about my chest.

(but good times with nick and elyssa!)

we refer to this as the "bubble boobs picture".  

for obvious reasons.

i think i cried when i saw it.

but this story does have a happy ending.  pregnancy and childbirth, surprisingly, did a lot for my self-esteem (in spite of the stretch marks and poundage they brought).  motherhood changes you, in some subtle and some not-so-subtle ways.

and, after i stopped nursing desmond (because, as you may recall, when i stopped nursing tesla i was already pregnant again), i lost a few cup sizes, like i mentioned before.  it was quite a blessing, and it's helped me loads.  i finally feel more proportionate.

if you are bigger or smaller than you want to be, i understand.  it's hard.  i've been on both ends.  i remember looking at my friends who had B and C cups and wishing i could be as big as they were.

(i'm not going to say, i am.  BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR.)

honestly, i believe birth control (the pill) played a big role.  when i left for college i was an already-uncomfortable DD, but after a couple months on the pill, saw what happened.  (you understand why i am staunchly against the pill now...)

oh, and did i tell you that funny story about how i didn't wear a bra on my wedding day because after i bought my dress i didn't try it on again until the actual day i was getting married?  and we couldn't get it zipped up?  so i had to take my bra off, collapse my lungs, and wait as i was squeeeezed into my dress.

it was like wearing a corset.  honestly.

i've gone on about this topic long enough, and i know it was a major overshare.  :)

let's end with a look at the two boys who helped make me what i am today!

tesla unloading the dryer.

and desmond...throwing a fit.  how precious.  ;)

have a beautiful thursday. 

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