Friday, August 3, 2012

what do i want to talk about today?

so i'm going to a baby shower tomorrow.  for some reason i had the hardest time thinking of something to get.

i mean, come on, it hasn't been that long since i had a baby.

i went with the usual--clothes and diapers.  it's baby #2, a girl this time.

did you know we've gotten rid of all of our baby stuff?  (like...over a year ago.)

 goodbye car seat.  goodbye boppy pillow and all clothes smaller than 3T.  goodbye swaddling blankets and baby toys.  the only thing left is the crib, because desmond was using it up until a week ago.  (the boys are now in the beds that my dad built for me and my brothers!  i can't wait until they're old enough to bunk up.  there will be more space in the room then.

plus bunk beds make excellent pirate ships.)

when i ask the boys if they want another baby, they always say yes.  and when given the option of boy or girl ('cause that's totally how it works), they always pick girl.  personally, if we had one, i'd like another boy.

but who knows.  maybe we're done.

done done done.

why am i talking about this boring stuff,  you ask?

i don't know.  i just started typing and this is what came out.

(we don't have cable or i could talk about something cooler like the olympics.)

tell me something interesting!  what are your weekend plans?

for now, here's a sweet picture of my shoes.


  1. I'll be honest, I don't want you to be done because I love all your commentary on your kids and I feel like one more would just elicit more commentary. Agus and I don't have cable either or maybe I could tell you what you're missing. However, since you asked about my weekend...I plan to try not to strangle anyone (ahem, my husband) as we make the final preparations to leave for Mexico and then on Saturday night I'm going to pick up my inlaws from the airport and attend my best friend's wedding simultaneously (both seem to think they're more important than the other). So now you've got a novel. But hey, you asked ;)

    And, I really like your shoes :)

    And, your blog is the one I look forward to reading the most.

  2. aw thanks! i can't wait to hear about your mexican adventures. i still think you guys are pretty bad-a for packing up and moving down there.

    and good luck with your weekend plans! being in two places at once sounds like a blast. ;) at least it's exictement!

  3. Your is my favorite blog of all time too! And you asked whats on my mindt? Among other things, Getting inspired to lose some pounds and inches! Aargh!! And how did I get so old! Haha