Wednesday, September 12, 2012

90s love

i've been listening to the savage garden station on pandora.

i'm in love.

because not only does it play savage garden,

look how cool they are.  those faces.  the necklace!  the subtle statement hoop in one ear!

it plays *nsync, seal (the only song that matters--kiss from a rose), some old-school britney spears (can we call the 90s "old school"?), and of course, the backstreet boys.  which i love.

i mean, what's not to love?


unfortunately, silas does not share my affinity for 90s pop.

his loss.

i want to start a workout class called "90s Throwback", where we listen to all the glory that was 90s music and make up dance moves (or try to learn the music video choreography) like we did when we were kids.  (did you guys do that?)

and we can all fight about who has to be scary spice.

maybe it's just because it brings back so many good memories, but listening to this stuff puts me in such a great mood.  and it's  THE BEST to sing to (especially when you know every single word to every single song).

it's a far cry from the soundtrack of my high school experience (evanescence and linkin park!), which does not evoke such blissful memories.

now i'm going to cut myself off before i start quoting lyrics ("i don't want to be a fool for you/ i'm just another playa in your game for two") or start making embarrassing confessions.

but if you want to come over and watch Spice World sometime, holla at me.


  1. Ah!! I'm so there at your workout class. We used to try for hours to learn the dances!

  2. Oh how I can smell my childhood! hahah I LOVED SAVAGE GARDEN! :)

  3. OMG!!!! I have been listening to the Pandora 90's pop station ALL week!!! I was just going to blog about it too!!! Come to WV- Adam likes 90's pop too. He will even dance party with me and Logan when a super good song is on. :) If we lived by you I would PAY someone to watch my kids so we could watch spice world together. It would be awesome and epic and it would fill my soul.

  4. YOU GUYS. i wish we all lived in the same place so we could have a 90s dance party.