Wednesday, September 5, 2012

preschool: alphabet train

a few days ago i decided to try out this activity with tesla.

(question:  i've seen all these activities and crafts using paint chips--are you really allowed to just take handfuls of paint chips from walmart or home depot or wherever?  i've never even taken one...i have this paranoid fear that if i try the paint section workers will swoop down on me and demand in nasally tones, "Ma'am, exactly where are you going with that paint chip?")


so since i obviously had no paint chips, i made my train out of construction paper.  (between doing stuff with the boys and teaching primary on sundays, i'm pretty sure i'm using up about a tree a month.)

we did this during tesla's focus time, and he looooved it.

as in, he finished it and asked to do it again.

and then again.

and cried when i said dinner was ready and it was time to put the "train" away.

he picked up on the idea of matching upper/lowercase fairly quickly, which surprised me.  and the simple fact that i told him it was a train made it exponentially more fun.

every few matches, he would exclaim, "MOMMY!  I make a train!"

conclusion:  simple activity with a high repeatability factor.

definitely recommended.

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  1. Awesome!

    And I am totally with you on the paint chips. Feels like stealing.