Saturday, September 15, 2012

my celebrity doppelgänger [except not really]

apparently i look like everyone.

not anyone cool or famous (not that your ex-boyfriend's aunt isn't cool); just random relatives and acquaintances.

"i just got back from wisconsin, you look just like my brother's girlfriend."

"do you know [insert name here]?  because you look like you could be sisters."

"you remind me of a russian exchange student we had a few years ago."  (when i had dark hair)

"that is so weird, you look exactly like this girl i used to know in high school!  are you sure you don't know her?"

i guess i just have one of those faces.  (one of those generic faces, i mean.)

however, one beautiful day, a friend told me she watched the hunger games movie a few nights ago and in one of the scenes katniss kind of looked like me.

so i googled jennifer lawrence excitedly.  (no, i still haven't seen it...)

totally hot, right?

...unfortunately, i don't see the resemblance.


  1. I think you look like her. You’re gorgeous. People used to tell me all the time I looked like Lindsey Lohan and I was like... thanks?

    1. aw thanks. i was thinking of someone who reminds me of you (not lindsay lohan) but i can't place it right now.

      and this is random but every time i curl my hair i think about you teaching me how to wrap it around the curling iron for the wavy look. i'd never seen anyone do that before, i was pretty sure you were a magical hair genius. :)

  2. hahahahahhahahahahahahahhahhhahaa

    Seriously though, you do kind of look like her.

    AND HOW HAVE YOU STILL NOT SEEN THE HUNGER GAMES?!?!?!?! We should remedy this. ASAP.

    1. i'm up for a hunger games movie night any time!!

      (i guess we'll have to watch it before 9 if we want to eat snacks though...) ;)

  3. I haven't seen it either! And, its better than being told you look like Martha Stewart....

    1. martha stewart? who said that?

      and i thought you saw it with michael!

  4. Lol...this post was too cute! Even in your goofy posed pic I can see the resemblance! Silly girl!

  5. You are hilarious! Unfortunately you don't look like any of my random relatives.