Friday, September 14, 2012

speaking of the 90s...

do you guys remember those stretchy crinkle shirts?

you know, the ones that looked like they were made for your american girl doll but in reality could stretch to fit both you and your bff?

yeah.  those.

well, the other day i was at walmart and i saw a woman wearing one.

(walmart.  of course.)

if you try to tell me they are going to make a comeback, i will beat my head against a wall.

let's just take a look at the website's fallacious claims regarding the aforementioned tiny doll shirt:

1.  they describe it as "the perfect item for the fashion-conscious woman!"   (um.)

2.  it is also, apparently, "great for travel" (i'm assuming because you can just crumple it up and shove it into your carry-on) and "flattering on everybody!"  (i beg to differ.)

3.  lastly, and here is my biggest problem--it comes in "many styles", apparently ranging from a button-down cardigan for "a night on the town" ("hey girls, it's ladies' night!  grab your cardigans!") to a spaghetti-strap "comisole" (??) for lounging around the house.  

what are you waiting for?  order yours today!  at $15 each, it's a steal!


  1. And those shirts make big boobs look even bigger. Just sayin’.

    1. i know right? they're so awkwardly clingy.

      (the shirts, not the boobs.)

  2. I can't wait to see you in yours, Heather! :D *snort*

    I can proudly say that I was never an owner of one of those shirts. I did have 2 friends in junior high though who had matching ones and wore them on the same day sometimes. :D Oh, junior high.

    1. haha. maybe a big group of us could dress up as "The 90s" for halloween! we can all wear these shirts.

      or better yet, does anyone want to be the backstreet boys with me? although i think crossdressing is discouraged at church parties...

  3. I was reading this post and Neal walked by and said, "UGH...what IS that?!" I left out the part about me having a blue and green tye-died one when I was 13. :)

    1. haha! so what you're saying is neal wants one for christmas....

      and the tie-dyed ones are all i remember! i didn't even know they came in solid colors until i saw this picture!

  4. Bahaha, those always made me laugh :)