Friday, September 14, 2012

sweet like a chica cherry cola

1.  yes, i'm still listening to savage garden.

2.  i got to babysit my friend's baby last night.  he's a few months old and he's beautiful.  the boys (especially tesla) were enamored of him.

 be still my heart.

3.  i ran out of laundry detergent (and money in the budget) so i'm trying the homemade stuff again.  liquid this time.  hopefully it works out better than my crap-tastic homemade powder detergent.

behold my optimistically-labeled milk jug.

3.  brunch with the boys.

those dang blueberry costco muffins.  we have a serious issue.  i am banning myself from buying any more.  ever.

at least for a few weeks.

4.  project runway is boring to watch by yourself.  i told silas he needs to be my PR buddy, but he is uninterested.

he doesn't appreciate Tim Gunn.

oh tim.  all stars was lame without you.


happy friday!  enjoy your weekend.


  1. i wish i could post a picture of my "brunch"... it would make ferries drop from the sky and care bears sob

    (p.s. this is silas--das right H i hacked your ingenious password!! whawhat!)

  2. How do you make your laundry detergent? I've been interesting in trying one out!!

    1. this is the recipe i'm currently trying out. (i cut it in half to make a gallon) fingers crossed it works, because it's easy and cheap! when i was using homemade powder detergent, it sometimes left streaks on my clothes and i felt like it faded the clothes a lot and gave them a weird texture.