Wednesday, April 25, 2012

grown up

although i've technically been an adult for several years, i don't often think of myself in those terms.

every once in a while, when i'm doing something incredibly responsible and grown up like writing a check or listening the "you're on hold" music on the phone (seriously who picks that stuff?) or making a doctor's appointment, i'll feel this swell of pride at my accomplishment.  i mean, writing checks!  who am i?

(an ADULT, suckas!)

but apparently the image i project does not say "responsible mother of two."  apparently it says "teenager who is skipping school or possibly may have dropped out."

i think i mentioned that one time when my mom and i were at the mall, and the boy in the cupcake shop asked why i wasn't in school.  (HIGH SCHOOL.)  i told him that the two children in the stroller were, in fact, my sons and not my little brothers.  and that i was not in high school.

and then today, when i was checking out at costco, the guy ringing up my stuff looked at the boys in the cart and said dubiously, "are they...your children?"

i answered in the affirmative while trying to extricate my card from my wallet (i seriously need to find a new wallet) and the girl behind him who was loading my cart commented, "you look young."

i smiled and said, "i am young, but probably not as young as you think i am.  i'm 23."

they both looked a little shocked and then the guy said, "well, you look really young."

i'm not complaining.  a youthful appearance isn't a bad thing, and it's definitely something i'm hoping i can cash in on when i'm 50.  i guess i'm just curious as to what i look like to other people.  because i feel like i look my age, but apparently, i don't.

(and i was even wearing GROWN UP CLOTHES today!  a skirt!  a cardigan!  metallic flats!)

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