Monday, April 23, 2012

pizza with the boys

over the weekend i had the brilliant idea to let the boys make their own pizzas.

i envisioned a pinterest-worthy experience, wherein the boys would cheerfully load up their pizzas with creatively sliced veggies, and then proceed to devour their creations (with gusto!), resulting in a veggie victory for me.

yeah...not so much.  tesla refused to let a single veggie touch his pizza (cheese all the way!), and although desmond happily snacked on veggie niblets, he threw a high chair tantrum when i took his pizza away to put it in the oven.

"desmond!  relax!  i have to cook it, okay?  you'll get it back in ten minutes!"

but it was still fun.  and i'm proud of myself for letting them do something that had big messiness potential.   ;)

the set up.  

rolling it out.  (with a lot of help from mom) 

 tesla's pizza--no plants allowed.

...eating the dough.

 desmond's pizza.  made by me, obviously.  he didn't understand why i kept replacing the toppings he was eating.  he also didn't understand that this wasn't the final product, hence the tear show when i took it away for cookage.

basically this is something that they'll enjoy a lot more in a year or so.  but they were pretty happy with the final product.

yeah, we had pizza 3 times last weekend.  i know you think i'm kidding when i say i could eat it every night.

i'm not.


  1. You are awesome for venturing down that road. T - not sure why plant based food scares him so much! Yay for D! :)