Saturday, April 28, 2012

summer breeze

it was warm out today, probably in the 80s.  very nice.

at least nice enough for nudity, apparently.

tesla and sirius enjoyed some couch time this morning.  tesla was again kind enough to suggest that sirius was probably in dire need of a blanket.

my 2nd attempt at sprouted grain bread.  it didn't turn out, but i have hope.  at least the dough looked like actual dough!  (my first attempt, a few years back, was a complete and utter fail.)

dinner last night.  whole wheat crust topped with pesto, zucchini, bell pepper, and manchego cheese.

tonight's dinner.  spring rolls adapted from this recipe.  i liked the collard wraps better, although it's probably my fault for not drying the cabbage leaves off thoroughly enough.

we dipped them in this peanut sauce.

you can see i'm attempting to cook actual meals again.  but i don't know, all this fanciness might have me burned out by monday.

what did you have for dinner?


  1. your boys are adorable/hilarious and your food looks delish!!! wanna cook at our house?

  2. if we can visit! :) i was telling silas on friday that we need to go hang out with you guys again. (you know, what with all the free time he has with school...)

  3. so jealous of your hot weather. send some our way in seattle.

  4. and i'm jealous of your rain! although i suppose it might get depressing after a while of nonstop downpours.

    i'll try to send some heat while it's still bearable. i'm cringing in anticipation of the 115 degree summer heat wave.

  5. OKAY, stop putting delicious looking food pictures everywhere. I always leave your blog hungry.