Friday, April 27, 2012

how's life?

i got a pack of various neon colored socks at walmart.  (i need new socks on a regular basis...mine are always surprising me by busting out with these gaping holes all of a sudden)

i had a dream last night that stacy and clinton showed up.  it was pretty much the best day of my life.  and then the next day they came over and told me that i wasn't going to be on the show after all because my personality didn't translate well on television.  (??)  sad day.

i have been loving this lately.

it makes my lips feel so luscious.

i found this under the sink in the-bathroom-formerly-known-as-desmond's-bedroom.  hallelujah!  this stuff was my lifeline in high school.  i look upon it with a great deal of fondness.

it melts my heart when tesla says, "oh, thank you mommy!" without being prompted.

i also love how he attacks his sandwiches with vigor.


brown sugar blueberry cookies.

trying on daddy's "muckle-cycle" helmet.



tesla saw sirius sleeping and gave him a blanket.  i like to think that sirius appreciated the gesture.

little desmond.

how was your week?


  1. I. Love. Your. Blog. And as far as my day...I just can't wait to get off work and go to the Asian market so I can make food and then sit on the couch and eat.

  2. awww yeah. that sounds awesome.

    have you made anymore recipes from veganomicon lately?