Sunday, April 29, 2012

sunday funday

i teach the 5 year olds in church on sundays.

i love them.  since i was in kindergarten, i've wanted to be an elementary school teacher.  so this kind of allows me to live that dream (in a very part-time, 2-hours-a-week way).

a lot of the time when sunday rolls around, i'm less than enthused to teach, i don't feel like i prepared enough, blah blah blah...but then i see the excited, shining faces before me (seriously, does anything shine like a child's face?  so much light) and i start the lesson and i remember that i love it.  i love their enthusiasm, and their fixation on food ("Did you bring us some treats today??"), and their insight, and the way they interpret things, and their unabashed sharing of every thought that crosses their minds.

"my mom said that if you steal, and it's not from your sisters, you can go to jail."

"um, teacher, when i went to the other church last week, we already had this lesson.  i don't want to play the choosing the right game again."

"i'm hungry."

tap tap tap.

"i'm hungry."

"this is a picture of me and my friend at school, his name is david, and these are Jesus' footprints."

"look i'm drawing a RAINBOW!"

today the lesson was "Come, Follow Me" and we talked about Jesus teaching the fishermen (Simon, James, John), the casting of the nets, the overflowing of fish, the "fishers of men".  then i asked the class why the men chose to follow Jesus and become his disciples.

one of my most enthusiastic contributors piped up, "So they wouldn't be KILLED!"

um...kind of.  anyone else?  haha.

then someone else said, "Because they knew that Jesus was good and was teaching true things and that if they followed him they would do good things."

i love children.  they don't make me nervous.  and i can sing in front of them.  (my cutoff age is about 6 though.)

tesla during kipper time.  pretty chill.

and good old sirius.

tomorrow's plans include a trip to costco (woohoo!) and the first meeting of the cooking club!

speaking of which, i have some chocolate mousse and two salads to make.  off to the kitchen with me, then.   :/

have a lovely evening.


  1. Hehehe! I love that age.

    Caius said the other day that he was really excited for Santa and Jesus to come give him a birthday present...

    I love your dog. He's so pretty.

  2. And good job starting a cooking club!!! How fun! Wish I could attend...