Tuesday, April 24, 2012

tuesday thoughts

-silas and i (mostly silas) are starting a cooking club next week!  the first meeting is at our place, to kind of get a feel for who is going to come, what people are wanting out of it, etc.  i'm excited.

-i skipped the gym yesterday and today.   3 reasons:  (1) complete and utter exhaustion  (2) the boys have coughs (lame but they sound sick so i don't want to get the evil eye for dropping them off to mingle with the other kidlets) and (3) the a/c has been broken for the past several days.  spin class + no a/c?

AND THAT'S WHY THAT NO WORK.  (10 points if you can remember what movie that's from)

-ladies--i have a question for you.  this question would fall under the category of TMI, just so you know.

it's back again.  the "i feel like i'm dragging my body through quicksand" weariness.  is this a period-related symptom?  i haven't really had a regular period for over 3 years so i don't remember what it's like.  i didn't think i had a monthly cycle anymore but the last few months i've noticed a day of (really really really) light spotting at around the same time each month.  (although this month was more than a week earlier than i was expecting.  so maybe my theory's off)

reading the above paragraph, i realize my question may not have been clear.  haha  :)  basically, do  you get dead tired when it's that time of the month?  i'd heard of girls experiencing anemia-related fatigue from blood loss, but i don't think the drop of blood i'm losing every month or so is really depleting my iron stores.  and the exhaustion doesn't seem to come at the same time as the spotting.

last night i was curled up with some cramping and a backache (working my way through season 2 of Downton Abbey, holla!), so that made me consider that it might be related to the monthly cycle business.  but like i said, i don't really have one, so i don't know if this is it or not.  anyone with an IUD have any stories to share?

-sorry if that was too personal.  i'm probably going to regret putting all that out there on the internet.  buuut...what is the media for if not the propagation of uncomfortable overshares?

-did you know that sometimes i can't tell my sons apart in pictures?  it's true.  guess who?

okay, that one was easier.  it's tesla.

but for the longest time (until silas pointed it out the other day), i thought this was desmond.

and i even took the picture!  silas was like, "he's wearing underwear.  it's obviously tesla."

i guess i have always wanted twins.  :)

-on a completely different note, i'm thinking of starting adult ballet classes.  (and by "adult" i mean "for people above the age of 9", not dirty ballet.  speaking of dirty ballet..i saw a "pole dancing monthly" magazine in barnes & noble the other day.  interesting.)

i haven't signed up yet, i'm still "thinking about it", but i think it might be fun!  or i might hate it.  but i'm hoping it will make me graceful and flexible and basically awesome.

awesome like desmond's face.


  1. cute photos!!! whats your instagram username?

  2. Yes I think it could easily be Pms related. Periods may stop but body can still produce the monthly hormonal ups and downs I think. Same goes for when we go menopausal.

    And I have personally found tht when I skip my vitamins I get overwhelmingly tired and slow.

    Great pix of your twins ;)

  3. And of you, of course!

    P.S. I am so excited about your cooking club. Might want to consider having everyone chip in some money for it - like a set fee of $5 per person

  4. yeah, we'll have to see. i'm not sure how it's going to go as far as what we'll be covering and ingredients and stuff, so we might have to do that. :)

  5. I am wondering the exact same thing about the IUD periods!!! I haven't noticed a pattern at all, and I've had some spotting recently (first time) and then for two weeks at the beginning of the month, I was SO tired. And I was achey...and angry like a teenager. I have read a lot about lower back pain with an IUD, so I think that's kind of common. Let me know if you discover anything about all that though!

    YOU SHOULD ABSOLUTELY TAKE A BALLET CLASS!!!! My class is really diverse. We have a couple of women in their 50's-60's, a few girls who took ballet for years and years but now they have adult lives and just do the weekly class for fun, we have a person who took ballet as a kid but quit before pretty young...then there's me. I don't know anything, but I keep up. It is sort of like yoga. You can have people at totally different skill levels doing the same thing at varying difficulties. I think class structure is pretty universal. Most of my class is at "barre", which has been kind of a security blanket for me. I'm okay if I can hang on to something!!! YOU SHOULD DO IT!!!

  6. My periods went away almost completely after 6 months, but I still had raging pms and cramps every month. Bummer dude. But the lack of bleeding is awesome. I will definitely miss that part. Also, you are all so beautiful. It makes me happy.

  7. I always get tired and crampy and back-achy (and suuuuper moody, poor Ben) whenever I am perioding.

    Hahahhaa. I love how you mentioned "Pole dancing monthly" and then said, "I haven't signed up yet." hahahahhaahhahaha Let me know how that pole dancing class goes. ;) hahahha

  8. leanne, we should take pole dancing together! then we could incorporate some of the routines into the weekly exercise group. ;)