Saturday, August 18, 2012

a small miracle

if you read my emo post, i'm sorry.  (just keepin' it real, guys.)

i had a break to regroup during naptime and the afternoon was significantly better.   (i mean, tesla did spent about an hour in "the corner", but at least i wasn't on the verge of an emotional breakdown.)

i didn't think discipline would be such a challenge for me.  although really, i don't know why i'm surprised.  i'm white (i love that book by the way.  silas had to read it for a class back in the day and he recommended it to me.  it has given me so much insight into my personality, and into our marriage--we're a rare white/white couple, and that creates some pretty significant issues).  i've never really commanded authority (or even meekly requested it).

because of this, "finding myself" as a mother and an authority figure has been challenging.  but i'm sure most of us struggle with it to some degree.

all that aside, what i really wanted to tell you was what happened during dinner.  i made the boys each an egg and then we had cooked wheat berries and kale prepared like this (BEST recipe for cooked greens--i don't have to choke them down).  i fully expected them to eat the egg and nothing else.


they ATE the KALE!



(for all of you out there who think i feed my kids super healthy--i don't think a single vegetable has passed their lips, except in quiche form, in about a year.  so them willingly eating something green and leafy and not disguised by egg and cheese was HUGE.)

it was a tender mercy from the Lord.

and i'm not being sarcastic.

i desperately needed to feel like i did something right today, and them eating a food they would normally not even look at nearly brought me to tears.

maybe i'm doing okay after all.


  1. IF it helps we all do have days like this and your Mom is right, 'change is constant, things will get better and work out ... according to the Lords plan!

    I believe in you and think you are an awesome Mom!

    Remember YOU ARE Loved by ALL of us!

  2. I love you. You are doing such a fantastic job. I can't wait till Fred is the right age for me to start doing these activities. When do you recommend? Im going to copy all if these ideas! Xxxxoooo you are not alone!

  3. I just want you to know that Craig and I still talk about the wonderful things that we learned just from being your neighbor! I'm sure your boys are going to grow to be amazing men because they have you for a mother! Whenever things get complicated I think back and look to your example. It's not rose-tinted or anything. I think you're the perfect blend of real and ideal for mothering! Keep it up and thank you for blogging! I learn a lot from you :)