Friday, August 17, 2012

what a difference a [trim] makes

my hair is usually in one of two stages:

1.  i just chopped it off

2.  i'm growing it out

i almost never (ever) get trims.  my reasoning is that if i'm going to pay money for a haircut, i want to look different!  


lately my hair has been terrible. 

"hair!"  i said.  "what happened?  why do you hate me?"

it looks stupid when i air dry it.  it won't style.  

i need a change!  to cut or dye (again)?

and then it dawns on me.  maybe all i need is that just brushed cut clean feeling.

maybe i actually need to invest in a trim.

so off we went, my hair and i.

et voila!

suddenly it doesn't suck so much anymore.

(and taking the time to, you know, style it after the gym helps.)

buuuuuut...i couldn't get "just a trim".  i needed to look a little different!   so i did what i promised myself and silas i wouldn't (under any circumstances!) do.

i got side bangs (again).  they're way too long and in my face all the time.  silas has taken to calling me "one eye".

...but they're easily pinned back and should grow out quickly.

moral of the story:  go get yo hair cut.


  1. You look really good with short hair...It's making me think about doing something I promised my husband I would never do (cut my hair short).

  2. Thanks!! I didn't like it much when it was really short but it's getting closer to my favorite length (a few inches below my shoulders).

    Changes are fun... ;) If you do cut your hair, I want to see pictures!

  3. I love it!!!!!! And okay I will!!! Mine has been over-grown weighed down super sweaty hot. A trim this week!!!