Thursday, August 9, 2012

clean messy fun

we did preschool again yesterday.

(2 whole days in a row!  i'm so proud.)



silas remarked at dinner last night, "preschool makes them...really happy."  

meaning that dinner was actually a really pleasant experience for everyone involved.  (score)

they do seem to like it, and it puts them in good moods.  (i don't have high hopes for today, since i'm anticipating them to be tired, cranky beasts.  we played at nana and papa's today and then they FELL ASLEEP IN THE CAR on the way of course naps were not taken.  naptime's about 30 minutes from being over and there is still a lot of noise coming from that room.)

this is what "ice cream cones" turn out like when you do them with children under 3.



we did the indoor bubble blowing from play create explore yesterday for our activity.  i figured it would be an easy "messy" activity to help me ease into that sort of thing.

it was a hit!

after taking a few pictures, i wanted in on the action.  (it was actually pretty fun...of course i made the biggest bubbles.  not that i'm bragging or anything.)

not pictured:  the floor after they splashed and then dumped the rest of the water out.

but hey--it was just soap and water!  the floor was actually cleaner after we wiped it all up.  win win.

*confession:  sometimes i can't tell the boys apart in pictures, from behind, and from above.

and they're not even twins.  

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  1. Fabulous idea! I wish I'd done that when you guys were little