Wednesday, August 29, 2012

hanging in there

silas was on vacation in new york for 10 days.

(i did not mention this because i did not want to be attacked by someone who thought i was alone and defenseless.  and by the way, i was not defenseless.  i was armed with mace and a handgun, and i know how to use at least one of them.)

he got back saturday afternoon, and started his second year of podiatry school on monday.

(we are overjoyed.  OVERJOYED, i tell you.)

one on hand, it's great.  really.  all the hopes and prayers and money and time and energy and sleep sacrificed to the cause of Education have paid off.  we're here.  silas is in school, taking classes that actually relate to his future career.

but on the other hand (the negative one)...when one thinks about how much lies ahead, one sometimes feels like this.

but one (or two) can be cheered up a bit by the promise of masterchef and frozen pizza and ice cream.

especially if it's the best ice cream ever.

don't let the uninspiring packaging fool you.  this stuff is amazing.  like funfetti cake batter ice cream with cream cheese frosting but even better.  you will love it*.

winco stocks it.  

in case you're interested.  

now go have a great evening.

i'm going to go shower.  i just remembered i haven't done that since monday morning.

*unless your name is silas and your sugar tolerance is about a teaspoon/day.

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