Saturday, March 31, 2012

conference weekend

this weekend is general conference for our church.  i listened to both sessions today, all the way through (which might be a first, i'm ashamed to admit.)

i really needed it this year, and it's been so neat to listen to the inspiring messages given to us by the prophet and apostles.

i was taking notes.

and then desmond drew on them.

after the second session was over (which was during the boys' nap--WIN), we went on a walk.


before.  obviously the boys couldn't contain their excitement.

every time we see these the boys freak out and yell, "FOWOW!  FOWOW!"  they're obsessed with flowers.

after.  only slightly worse for the wear.  let it be known that it was 90 degrees out though.

summer, y u come so soon?


  1. Ohhhhh you make me miss arizona plant life. What kind of stroller is this? I have notebooks full of notes and journal entries (cuz I just write wherever there's an empty page instead of designating one book to jo urnaling...that sounds dumb.) and they have ALL been colored on. It's funny cuz I don't really care, but Neal's like, "It's unreadable!!! Garbage!"

  2. i love that though! i don't really have a specific "journal" either, and i love finding scraps of thought i jotted down in random notebooks or pieces of paper.

  3. oh the stroller is a double jogger we found online...i can't remember the brand but i'll check when i get a chance.