Wednesday, March 14, 2012

things that are awesome.

 1.  popcorn and peanut m&ms are awesome.  sweet and salty and melty and crunchy. get in mah belly.

2.  last night's dinner was awesome.  (minus the cabbage.  turns out i wasn't really in a cabbage-y mood after all.)

3.  the sign we saw on a walk is awesome.


4.  silas is awesome.  and his march mustache is coming along nicely.

5.  jeggings are awesome.  when i first heard of them i was all, "jeggings?  that's the stupidest name i've ever heard."  but now i'm all, "i can totally wear these in public and people will think i'm in REAL CLOTHES.  jeggings for life!"

although i prefer to refer to them as my "really stretchy jeans".

6.  cadbury mini egg cookies are awesome.  REALLY awesome.

7.  and this picture of desmond is awesome.

my boys really like jewelry.

and makeup.


  1. Heather! I miss you so much, I love reading your blog! You are so funny, it just makes me mad that we had to meet at college and not when we all settled down to finally live somewhere. You're awesome and a great example! It looks like you're having fun, I hope life is good for you guys.
    Miss you,

  2. briana i'm so happy to hear from you! i miss you guys a lot, and think about you pretty much every day. i'm sad that we can't just walk downstairs and see you. how are things going? how are your beautiful girls? i want to see 2 year old claire and meet juliet (!) i would love to see some pictures... ;)

  3. I love jeggings too! It's like pajamas in public and everyone thinks you're dressed. And then, if you're really bad like me, you can go straight to bed in them because they're so comfortable! Not that I ever really have done that...cough, cough.

  4. haha melissa!! i'm right there with you. one of my goals for this year was to buy some cute pajamas and stop sleeping in my clothes. no joke.