Tuesday, March 20, 2012

things that are awesome tuesday

1.  these giant strawberries from costco are awesome.

2.  this song is awesome.  every time i hear it, i feel like dancing.  or writing.  it inspires me.  go listen to it.

3.  the destiny of this here cookie dough is awesome: behold, future pizookies!

its life will have served a great purpose.

a great, great purpose.

4.  my brother andrew is awesome.  he called me on my birthday!  i miss him.

we're pretty fly.

5. this picture tesla took of his own feet is awesome.

6.  his sweet face is also awesome.

7.  this smoothie is awesome.  it's the first non-gag-worthy one i've made in a while.  smoothie-making is an art.  let me tell you.

1 grapefruit, peeled
6 clementines
1/2 avocado

surprisingly good.  next time i'll make a half recipe but the full one packs in 22 grams of fiber.  holla!

i'm not a banana person (unless it's in bread), so i've been experimenting with avocado in my smoothies.  it's worked out well so far, the fruit camouflages the avocado flavor and it adds a nice creaminess.  i didn't think that creaminess is something i'd want associated with grapefruit, but it works. if you like grapefruit, you'll like this.

if you don't....well.  it's a grapefruit smoothie.  go find something else.

and this counts as picture #8, folks.

(as an aside, i don't think i've ever let the word "folks" pass my lips in real life.  look at me, reinventing myself on the internet.)

 my other brother, michael, got me this sweet smoothie cup last year.  thanks, peaches.  you, too, are awesome.

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