Thursday, March 29, 2012

things that are working for me

lo and behold!  after i wrote yesterday's post, i did in fact have a chance to try out one of my new cleaning tips!  silas was clipping sirius' nails and he bled on the carpet (in about 15 different spots...), so i got to try out this magic carpet cleaning solution and voila!  clean.  worked beautifully.

unrelated picture from last summer of desmond and his buddy eli.  look at how CHUBBY d's cheeks are and how wispy his hair is.  hahaha.  and eli looks adorable, of course.

decided to try the advice of a friend and took the boys on a walk this morning.  supposedly it will help burn off energy so they will sleep better/get into less trouble the rest of the day.  (kind of exactly like puppies.  same theory.)

it experience.  good thing i prayed for "an extra measure of patience" this morning.  we were gone for an hour and went less than .01 miles, i'd estimate.  it was a wee bit frustrating because for the first twenty minutes (it took us 15 minutes to get out of the parking lot I'M NOT JOKING) tesla was whining and wanting to be carried, and desmond kept going dead weight while i was holding his hand so i was carrying T and half-dragging little D...

then they didn't want to hold my hands even though we were walking alongside A BUSY STREET.  so that part was fun.  when we finally got into a neighborhood, i was able to relax a little and let them play.  except for when they went into people's yards or wanted to go "knock knock knock?" on someone's door, or picked up broken glass (4 times), or touched dog poop, or found an empty chewing tobacco tin.

but we made it.  and i'm determined to try again!

unrelated picture from two summers ago.  me (pregnant with desmond), tesla (SO BALD), and my brother michael (check out those abs!)

toothbrushing--if you don't know our history with toothbrushing, let me sum it up simply for you:

the boys hate it.

i literally have to pin them to the floor, sit on them, and then hold their flailing arms down and their heads still as i attempt to beat cavities away.  they are screaming the whole time.  (which actually makes it easier to brush their teeth once they're in lockdown position--at least their mouths are open.)

so you can see why i avoid it.

well, i was complaining about this very chore and asking for advice from everyone i knew.  one friend (i can't remember who, but if this was your brilliant idea feel free to claim it) suggested i use electric toothbrushes.

my first thought?  "please.  then all they'll want to do is hold it and they'll freak out and still won't let me brush their teeth."

but i decided to give it a go.

so i bought the cheapest ones i could find (they're not really spin toothbrushes, they just vibrate), and...


you guys.  this is huge.

they let me brush their teeth!  no fighting!  (of course i sill have to distract them with a video but they're not fighting me anymore.)

we have two regular toothbrushes that they're welcome to use if they want to brush their own teeth.  but only mommy is allowed to use the super cool toothbrush.

it's only been a few days so we'll see how things progress, but right now, i am loving it.

and maybe i won't be too embarrassed to bring them to the dentist.

and you know what?  i'm not cooking today.

i just made an executive decision.  we're having leftovers tonight.


what now, playa??

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