Tuesday, March 6, 2012

fill in the blank

one of tesla's favorite things to do is play "fill in the blank".

we play it with songs, books, the kipper theme...anything he knows.

take goodnight moon, for example.

"in the great green room, there was a--"


"and a red--"


"and a picture of the cow jumping over the--"


you get the idea.

b-t-dubs, he has now broken all but one of my headbands.

so a few days ago, when i was helping him put on his pajamas, we played fill in the blank with one of his favorite songs, "I Am A Child Of God."  

"i am a child of--"


"and he has sent me--"


"has given me an earthly--"


"with parents kind and--"


and it was then that i learned i need to enunciate.