Sunday, March 11, 2012

a love letter

oh, mascara.

where would i be without you?

observe.  the plague of those with blonde eyelashes.

(it doesn't look so bad from here, but from normal-person distance the two adjectives that are most associated with me are "young" and "tired".  young meaning under 16.  now that i have two cheeldren, it's not really what i'm going for.

tired is pretty accurate, though.)

and after.  voila.

one day i'd like to be able to go without makeup...but until, then, mascara is my dearest friend.

does looking at me this closely creep you out?



  1. Oh to be able to make my eyes look this good! Show me :)

  2. you should let me do your makeup sometime! not that i'm an expert or anything....but youtube is an excellent guide. ;)

  3. Oh man I have the blonde eyebrows too. Can't ever go without mascara!!

  4. I feel ya. I've been filling in my eyebrows too because they're blondish and kind of sparse in spots but I ran out of my pencil about a week ago. Time for another trip to sephora...

  5. These are awesome pictures of your eyes! Such a pretty, unique color! My eyelashes are light colored...but my big problem is they are straight. They need mascara to make them curl up out of my eyes! Don't even get me started on my balding eyebrows...I need a good tour guide and a babysitter (cuz last time i went with kids, I was too tense to make any decisions because I was sure one of my kids was gonna pull down a shelf of lip glosses or something...) so I can take a quality trip to sephora.