Monday, March 12, 2012

what the...?

when i put tesla down for his nap today, he requested "wessik"(which is his attempt at saying "music".  almost there, buddy), so naturally, i obliged.

i set the pandora station on my ipad to "ambient" as usual.  i placed the ipad as far away from his tiny man-like toddler hands, as usual.  this place happens to be on top of the bookcase in his room.

just so you know.

fast-forward two hours.  i had finished some chores and just woken up from a little siesta myself.  (siesta, not fiesta.)

i sit down to the computer and begin typing something out when i realize i hear singing.  the saccharine, melodic, repetitive singing that can only mean a children's show.

i listen closer.  sesame street??

i creep over to tesla's room and affirm that the aforementioned melodic singing is indeed coming from inside.  i open the door and he jumps, startled to be caught in the act, but attempts to mask his surprise with an overly cheerful, "oh, hi mommy!"

oh, hi indeed.

my two questions:

(1)  how did he get the ipad down from the top of the bookcase?  and since i'm assuming it involved some climbing, thank goodness he wasn't hurt.

(2)  how did he end up watching sesame street, which he's never watched before?  i assume that he probably got on netflix and it came up under "suggestions for you" (thank you fifty million episodes of kipper).  i guess this is where i should be thankful that he wasn't watching anything more adult.

(not that we watch naughty shows.  but i would have been QUITE unhappy if i had walked in to find him watching "no strings attached", which netflix keeps recommending to us.  no offense ashton and natalie, but...pass.)

desmond, however has been sleeping soundly since 11:45 this morning.  it is now 3:30 in the afternoon, and i can finally hear him stirring in there.

 what an angel.

of course he bit me in the shoulder three times at church yesterday.

there's always a trade-off.


  1. Oh hi mommy?? Clever clever little guy! So, what about using a cd player for him?

  2. if i can find one i'll try it. hopefully he won't break it this time ;)