Thursday, March 22, 2012

upside downside

happy thursday! 

upside:  hunger games comes out tonight!  (friday morning.  stop being so picky.)

downside:  i'm not going.   buuuuuut hopefully soon silas and i will get tickets and go together.  it's been a while since we've been to a movie, i think.  our special tradition is sneaking an entire pizza in.  and then eating most of it before the movie starts.

trivia:  did you know we went to the movie theater to see stardust on our first date?  silas let me pick the movie, and it was between hairspray and stardust.  i'm pretty sure if i'd picked hairspray it would have also been our last date.  

flashback!  disclaimer:  not our first date.

upside:  went to step class at the gym today!  i am here to report that it went much better than the first and second times i tried it.  i only looked like a fool about 1/3 of the time, and i had a lot of fun actually following some of the routines.


yes this is what i wore.
downside:  the boys hate the gym.  

upside:  dinner is already done!

downside:  silas has to study so we'll be dropping off his portion at school.


downside:  playa, there is no downside to that.

trivia:  we watched psych in the hospital when i was in labor with desmond.  shawn and gus were my epidural.  true story.

aw.  baby desmond.

now go forth and watch some psych.  preferably accompanied by a friend and a pizza.  

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