Sunday, March 18, 2012

funny story

yesterday we went to a baby shower.  

flashback!  that's tesla in there at our own baby shower a few years ago.  ah, the days before children...look how carefree we are  ;)

they were doing that game where you melt different candy bars into diapers, and then pass them around and you try to deduce which candy bar the fake poop came from.  

so i was trying to figure one out (almond joy, by the way) and tesla saw the diaper in my hand.  he got this concerned look on his face and said, "oh no, mommy!  is a dedo's poot!"

i laughed and said, "no, sweetie, it's not desmond's poop."

he tried again.

"oh no, is a sirius poot!"

i shook my head.  "nope, not sirius' poop either."

"is a mommy's poot?"


flashback again!  man we're good-looking.   

and then there was that time the other day when we took sirius out to use the bathroom.  tesla handed me a plastic bag and pointed to some random dog doo that someone had left on the ground and said, "get it, mommy!"

um, absolutely not.  

what am i, the neighborhood poop patrol?



  1. Hahaha! So who does the "poot" belong to? Kids are hilarious!

  2. he was convinced it had to come from SOMEONE....

  3. hahahahahhahahahahahhaa Heather, I love you. :D And I am QUITE disappointed that I have not discovered your blog until this point. You rock. :D