Sunday, March 4, 2012

the week of indulgence

it's been a busy week.  busy in a most excellent way, not in a this-is-drudgery way.  because, of course, silas has been home.

it has been a week of indulgence.  you see, for some reason, when silas and i hang out, we usually end up doing two things:

1)  spending a lot of money

2)  eating a lot (LOT) of food

whenever we have a day together, we do all the things we've (I've) been meaning to do, like buy a new vacuum or go to costco or get lamps.  money just flies out of our bank account.

plus, we "celebrate" by consuming mass quantities of delicious food.

so when we have a whole week can imagine.

no less than 4 pizzas (one of which was a huge bbq chicken deep dish.  THE BEST) and 3 (4??) boxes of donut holes were consumed, along with unnumbered amounts of waffles, cheese, bread, salami, crackers, chips, chocolate-covered raisins, cookie dough, tasty ice cream (both ben & jerrys and baskin robbins, thank you), frosties (vanilla all the way!), quiznos sandwiches....and a host of other things i'm not going to embarrass myself  by mentioning.

oh yeah, pizookies.  with b & j's "half-baked" ice cream on top.  we made some of those.

i will embarrass myself by mentioning that i've spent a great deal of time in yoga pants and suuuuuuper stretchy pajama-like jeans and that right now i am wearing a lovely loose-fitting dress that may or may not make me look a leeetle bit pregnant.

baggy stretchy clothes for the win.

my 'mom'iform.  does anyone else spend all/most of the day in leggings or yoga pants?  or does everyone else actually get dressed even when they're not leaving the house....

and yes, i took this professional-looking picture myself.  try not to be too impressed.

it's been a good week, though.  we got to go out, sleep in, run some errands, go visit some gyms (NO I DIDN'T JOIN ONE YET STOP PRESSURING ME), etc.  we spent a lovely day in sedona, hiking and driving and playing in the snow.


we adopted a dog!  

he appears to be mostly australian cattle dog, and so far he's quite the sweetheart.  reminds me a lot of my old dog, nala, actually.  except less neurotic.

after much debate, i believe we have decided on the name Sirius.  partly because he looks like a constellation and Sirius is a prominent star in Canis Major.  partly because he's quite serious.  and partly because i would not have lived a full life if i didn't name something after a harry potter character.

"and silas, sirius black even turned into a dog!  a black dog named padfoot!  isn't it so perfect?!"

tesla thinks his crate is pretty nifty.   

sirius' crate, i mean.  we don't crate our babies 'round here.


  1. Crud, sorry if only I had logged onto your blog BEFORE Facebook! Welcome to the family Sirius!

  2. Crud, sorry if only I had logged onto your blog BEFORE Facebook! Welcome to the family Sirius!

  3. that's okay :) thanks for the congrats!

  4. Okay....get out of my head! I was seriously JUST thinking about all this stuff. Neal and I always spend a lot of money when he has a 3 day weekend...and we eat way too much food. Orange Julius' every night! And yeah...i'm in a t-shirt and spandex right now. Most of the time I throw on a pair of jeans when I leave the house, but until then, I keep in comfy.

    You adopted a dog!!!??? YAY! He's pretty! How do the boys like him? How old is he?

  5. loooooooove spandex. i put on jeans when i leave the house too, it makes me feel so dressed up. ;)

    i'm pathetic.

    thank you! he's about 1 1/2 yrs old, and the boys like him very much. tesla loves to throw the ball for him and when sirius runs after it tesla yells, "HE PLAY! HE PLAY!" he talks to sirius a lot. when we leave he says, "bye seeyus! see you later!" and when we stop the car to get out, if sirius is riding with us tesla will say, "ready seeyus?"

  6. Awww! I love it! When we leave the house Leland says, "bye sophie, I la lou!" We've started asking the Cai and Leland to do things for Sophie, like fill her food dish or let her outside. It's helpful, and I think they like it. :) are not pathetic.

  7. Yes- I spend almost every day in either leggings or yoga pants :) ANd my hair is ALWAYS up. And I am lucky if I even wear makeup on Sunday. :)

  8. Robin--that's so cute! And I hadn't thought of letting the boys help out by feeding the dog and stuff. Good idea.

    Sarah--I am so with you!

  9. I live in large basketball shorts all the time. And often don't bother changing when I go out in public. :D Harry Potter rocks. And sometimes I think crating a baby is a rather ingenious idea... (just kidding).

  10. i think we should start a harry potter book club. i've been wanting to read them all again but i need something to motivate me. it would be so fun to discuss them with other hp lovers!