Saturday, March 17, 2012

saturday is a special day


today was...busy.

it was fun.  and also exhausting.  i am craving some silence right now.

unfortunately, tesla has been in his room yelling at the top of his lungs since we put him to bed.  and he just woke up desmond.  so now they're both crying/shrieking at me.

yeah, those guys.

but anyway.  about the fun part.

i made mini-cinnamon rolls this morning.  (with green maple icing, of course.  i did remember the holiday, after all.)

normally i shy away from sandra lee-esque recipes, but i've made cinnamon rolls from scratch before.  a lot.  and they've never lived up to my expectations.  maybe i'm just not as much of a cinnamon roll person as i used to be.

either way, these worked for me.  simple is the way to go.

green is also the way to go.  especially today.

(and i promise they tasted way better than they looked.)

we also had a fruit salad to go with our sugar-laden confections.


it's what i'm all about.

then we went to a baby shower.  and when i say, "we went to a baby shower", what i mean is, we dropped a gift off and the boys noshed on donut holes and threw continuous consecutive fits until i dragged them both out.

embarrassing, that was.

i know that sometimes people are understanding, but it felt like everyone was probably thinking, "hah, poor sap.  glad that's not me!" and "why can't she control her kids?"  it didn't help that the only other person there with a child was holding an angelically docile 2 month old who sat on her lap and gazed contentedly at the group the entire time.

the little dear was nicely juxtaposed against my boys, who were like two little tornadoes.

later, my family came over to celebrate Birthday Day (i'm 23 tomorrow and silas turns 26 next saturday).

we went to oregano's (my choice!) for the most delicious meal i've had in a long time.  (i really don't want to talk about the boys' behavior but i'm sure you can conjure up a mental image of two tired and hungry toddlers in a restaurant setting.  thankfully my parents and silas took over baby duty for most of it.  it was a real treat for me.)

after we came home, my sweet cousin caroline offered to take some pictures for us.  which was an awesome gift.   we hadn't seen each other in at least 6 or 7 years so it was a wonderful reunion.  we share many a fond childhood memory and she is one of the sweetest and most beautiful women i know.

a coldstone ice cream cake and some raspberry sorbet were also enjoyed.

we're all about the food.

if you hadn't noticed.

and here's what i've got for you today.


probably one of the most epically attractive pictures of me to date.


  1. Your boys are wonderful. Don't apologize for those very busy little men. Happy Birthday!!!

  2. those cin rolls look awesome! I'm trying them!!!

    you're adorable