Wednesday, March 28, 2012


i've been pinning a bunch of deep cleaning tips/strategies on pinterest.  i feel so productive!  even though i haven't done any actual deep cleaning yet...

maybe i'll make a list.  then i'll feel even more productive.

(the other day i found a list i'd made who knows how long ago of our Top Ten Clutter Spots.  at least i'd tackled one of them before the list was lost in oblivion...)

but we're not here to talk about my inadequacies as a homemaker.  we're here to talk about lipstick.

so...i've never been a lipstick person.  never ever.

mascara?  always.  some eyeliner, occasionally a little blush?  sure.

but as we venture into eyeshadow/lipstick territory, i begin to look like the little girl who got into mommy's makeup bag.

or fizbo the clown.  i'd say that's pretty accurate, as well.

so, anyways, that's my 23 year history of not wearing lipstick.  until today.  (dun-DUN!)

i was in a good mood so i grabbed two cheap lipsticks while grocery shopping with the boys (those last three words were shopping, of necessity, will always include the boys).

and...i kind of like them.   (although the pictures really don't do them justice.  they're MUCH brighter than they look.  the red is a bright orange-red and the pink is very neon.)


i always thought my lips were too thin to wear lipstick.  what do you think?  can i pull of brightly colored lipstick or should i stick to clear gloss? you want to see a really strange picture of me?

something's off about this, am i right?  every time i look at it it's just...weird.

in other news...the boys are obsessed with this video:

which is nice.  it's a really happy song.

and here's an example of how the boys respond when i pull out the camera:

tesla looks like he's over it.  (and you can't really see it but he's wearing eyeliner, applied by himself)

and since i forgot to take a picture yesterday (shame shame), i'm doubling up today.

this is desmond crawling through my legs as i was standing in front of the window, trying to use the light to take a picture.  love his fuzzy little head.

tomorrow's thursday, lovers!


  1. You are totally rockin' the lipstick! I really like the orangy-red. I still need to find a fun pink.

  2. i think the pink is my favorite right now. i want to find a deep berry color. maybe we should do a girls trip to sephora to try lipsticks out :)

  3. oooh such pretty lipstick colors!! By the way, whenever I read your posts I say, "I want to hang out with heather." and I do! my number is 480-717-9297. text me and we should have you all over for dinner or something!