Friday, March 30, 2012

quick friday post

my mom and i went shopping again today.  (to get a baby gift for a friend, BUUUUUUT we didn't actually find said gift...oops)

i bought 2 shirts and 3 skirts for $45.  but i SAVED $121, which is the important part.  now i have to think of something to do with all that money i just saved us...  ;)

maybe buy more lipstick.  just sayin.

we went into a cupcake shop and the boy there asked why i didn't have school today.

i told him i was 23.  he looked quite shocked.

tell me.  does this face look 15 to you?




and here is tesla this morning after finding the see's chocolate that silas so sweetly got me last night.

he was pretty happy.  even though he kind of looks like he's in pain.


  1. I had a great time with you today. So glad we had a peaceful time together. Love you tons!!

  2. SEES!!!! I want some. I love tesla's happy pain face. ;)