Monday, March 5, 2012

monday monday


i do not feel inspired right now.

i did this morning.  i was zipping around making pancakes and cleaning the kitchen and vacuuming and washing dishes and mopping and planning and folding laundry and signing up for that blasted gym membership and then...

i think i burnt out.  i've been staring at the computer for about half an hour trying to make a meal plan for the week, and i can't do it.  it's not a monumental task, right?  but for some reason ideas are not flowing.

so i'm going to fold some more laundry while watching project runway (can you tell it's naptime?).  and then i'm probably going to make pizza for dinner because i can't think of anything else.

(don't tell silas.  this will be the 5th time we've had pizza in a 7-day period.)

p.s.  we watched Two Weeks' Notice the other night.  i love hugh grant.  i'd forgotten how much he amuses me.

p.p.s.  random nature-like pictures courtesy of our little day trip to sedona.

hugs, everyone.  i feel like hugs today.


  1. Me too! You described me too! Minus the pizza

  2. Very pretty nature pictures!!!

    At least you MAKE pizza. I'm pretty sure we ordered pizza 3 times (we had some coupons and enough papa points at papa johns for a free pizza!)last week, and the days we didn't order...we had the leftover pizza.

    You and Desmond are beautiful!

  3. Don't be fooled, all the other days we ordered pizza. :) I like homemade pizza but sometimes the good stuff just can't be replicated.... :)

  4. Oh dear. Story. of. my. life. Minus all the productivity. I am reading this book about healthy eating (Eat to Live, if you were wondering) and one part talks about trying to take away addictive substances from addicts. My husbands response: HEH! I learned not to try to take your pizza away!

  5. i've heard of eat to live, i'm going to look for it. i read this one book (i can't remember the title right now) about the addictive properties of food and how most processed food is engineered to play on those addictions. really interesting.

    and yet...a life without pizza seems rather bleak at times. ;)