Friday, March 23, 2012

it's friday!

although when you're not in school or working, anticipation of the weekend is immaterial.

this morning i spent a good hour or so organizing the black hole formerly known as Under The Bathroom Sink.

notice how one of the doors is missing?  yeah.  the boys ripped it off (again).  and i'm too embarrassed to put in a maintenance request.  (they've seriously fixed kitchen and bathroom cupboard doors 5 or 6 times already.  it's embarrassing and past ridiculous.  my pride is also what's stopping me from telling them our blinds have also been broken by the little beasties.)

i am so proud of myself.  i think that hour of productivity should be enough to carry me to next wednesday, at least.  time to coast, baby.

just kidding.

after i finished my morning chores and the boys played cars, we spent some time outside with a couple buckets of water and some sponges.

it was a hit.

and just so you don't think i've forgotten him, here is a picture of sirius napping.

he seems comfortable with us.

we also made bread.  recipe to follow.


  1. Sounds like a pretty good day :)

  2. Man I can't believe how huge the boys are getting! By the way, if you guys are in need of another summer road trip to the sandy beaches of California we have a room for you guys!!!

  3. man that would be so awesome...i was actually just thinking about that a couple weeks back when silas had a break, i was like "KLAVER MORRILL OSBORNE REUNION AGAIN!" but then i remembered that nick and elyssa had just had a baby (or were about to, it might have been a few weeks ago).

    buuut...if we get some time, we'll call you guys! i think escaping the arizona heat might be just what we need.