Wednesday, March 21, 2012

a day like this

yesterday, i decided i would try a yoga class at the gym.  i've never done a live yoga class before, so i was excited to see how i would fare.

my (rather pitiful) attempts to follow the prompts in yogadownload's free 20 minute classes pretty much sums up the extent of my yoga practice thus far.  (and in case you are getting the impression that i'm nimble and flexible, let me let you in on a little secret: i can't even touch my toes.)

so. now that we got that out of the way.

i've got the boys dressed (socks and shoes!), my bag packed, my yoga mat stuffed into it, and the dog has been let out to relieve himself.  i run to go get the car and pull it up to the apartment (for ease of loading in children, you see), and when i come back inside i notice that desmond looks...slimy.

and then i see this:

and i realize it's all over his shirt. and his hands.  and his arms.  and there is a huge glob of it in his hair.

(we're already running late by this point.)

i grab a wet rag and wipe him down as quickly as i can while dragging them both to the car.  he's still got wet, sticky stains on his shirt and "the back of [his] head looks ridiculous!"

but i am not to be deterred.  we are going.  i am doing this!

desmond the bath gremlin.

we get to the gym.  i take the kids inside.  they freak out as soon as they see the kids area.  (up until this point, tesla has been happily chirping, "is a gym!  mommy, gym!"  but alas.  reality has set in.  i will be leaving them in a room full of toys for an entire hour.  the horror.)

i bring the two banshees in and give the girl a tight smile.  "we're back!"  after detaching them quickly and making a break for it while pushing down my guilt as i shut the door on their wails, i book it for the locker room to put my bag away.  the class has, of course, already started by this point, and i'm psyching myself up to walk in late and possibly kill everyone's zen.

and then i'm being tapped on the shoulder.  

"excuse me?  did you just drop those two boys off?"

no. no. no. no, i didn't.


"well, one of them--the little one--is bleeding from the mouth..."

my selfish side piped up, come on lady.  are we needing to rush him to urgent care or can you just wipe him off?

hopefully she didn't notice my brief hesitation before following her back to the kids' club.

i walked in, and desmond was indeed crying and bleeding from the mouth.  (it wasn't serious, just a cut on his lip.)

i gave up and we left.  

i guess yoga was not meant to happen.

and now are you ready for part 2?

as soon as we got home, tesla ran to let the dog out of his crate, i dropped my bag, and came into our room to check my email.  i wasn't in here for more than a minute or so, but when i walked out, i found this:

they had gotten into the eggs and were cracking them into a lid on the floor, where sirius was gleefully scarfing them down.



on the.


i didn't know if i should laugh or cry so i kind of let out a strangled, "heh heh heh heh heh!"  (and then grabbed my camera.  i wasn't too far gone to see the humor in it.)

that's what kind of day it was yesterday.

but never fear, it ended up okay.  we did some fun things, like this color mixing activity

and then after desmond went down for a nap, tesla and i did some watercolor painting.  (i use the term "painting" loosely.  the artistic genes seemed to have skipped me.)

one of tesla's.  he did about ten; they're hanging over the dining room table.

may your day be excellent.

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  1. And may your memory laugh over days like that as your grow older in your life