Monday, March 12, 2012

tvp spaghetti bolognese

this is tvp (textured vegetable protein).  it has a really appetizing name.

and it looks like grape nuts.

do not be afraid.

i had a bag of tvp just hanging out in my dry goods cupboard that i'd been wanting to use in something.  last night i wasn't really in the mood for dinner so i decided to make everyone's favorite meal: spaghetti.

(everyone = silas and the boys.  someone in our house doesn't like pasta.  this someone also consumed a third of a cake today.  i'll leave you to deduce who it is.)

i used this recipe as a base and then (as i often do) changed a bunch of things.  it was my first experience with tvp, and i really liked it.

served over pasta and peas.

desmond was also a fan.

Picky Picky Princess only had one bite.

...but at least he tried it.

that's more than i can say about the last three dinners i've made.

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  1. Again with the scary food!!! Where do you even purchase this stuff? The finished product looks delicious! I sooooo understand dealing with picky eaters. I have 3...and who knows yet about Jerrick! You don't like pasta? What's wrong with you?!